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The Whirled Bank website is a spoof on the World Bank's own website, using parody to present stories, facts and statistics that demonstrate the serious negative effects of Bank policy on the poor whom they claim to be helping. It includes numerous factsheets on the impact of the multilateral lending institutions, an Instant Insecure Online Banking game to learn about debt and structural adjustment, as well as a special gospel and hymnal from James Sheepensohn, the high priest of First Church Of The Almighty Dollar.

The site generated substantial attention at the time of the World Bank/IMF protests of 2000, including from the World Bank staff itself, and continues to be used as a reference for universities and activists. It was a collaboration between myself, Lina Hoshino and Pratap Chatterjee, a journalist who covered the World Bank for many years. Subsequently, we were hired (as Tactile Pictures) to help with other similar projects, including sites for the World Bank Bonds Boycott, the 50 Years is Enough Network and CorpWatch's, which was a critique of the corporate greenwashing exercise at the 2002 Earth Summit in Johannesburg.

We hope the site, along with the numerous other activist campaigns, has contributed to the general decline of the Bank's prestige over the past ten years, which was capped by the Wolfowitz scandal in 2007.


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