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People get it on for a lot of things. Lust. Money. Status. The curators of Fling invite artists to get it on for art.

Fling was a multidisciplinary art show that tested the act of commitment and the limits of relationships by pairing accepted artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers and performers to collaborate on an imagined “relationship” presented on Saturday, March 11th, 2006 at Somarts Cultural Center in San Francisco.

“Fling: Getting it on for art” explores the art of the relationship by asking its artists to ponder, probe and play with the questions that surround the creation and maintenance of a relationship:

  • What are the rules of engagement?
  • How and when do we relate?
  • How do we communicate?
  • What limits do we place upon each other and what happens when we break them?

Artists were asked to draw upon their experience and inspiration to re-imagine, re-shape and redefine how we see relationships. Whether it is a life-size video game or an installation of post-it love notes, a dance inspired by the moments that simultaneously enrage and seduce us or a film about the pain of silence, Fling touches the heart of what is lost and found when we dare to engage with one another.

Through an exploration of truth and lies, the mundane and the sublime, and flirtations and revelations, Fling takes a modern, multidisciplinary look at what happens in two months of getting it on for art’s sake.



Duos Do Art, San Francisco Chronicle, March 9, 2006


Maria Allocco & Yoshi47
Tiffany Barbarash & Christine Wong Yap
Mark Baugh-Sasaki & Nicomi Turner
Sara Blaylock & Dennis Somera
shiloh burton & Polly Moller
Vanda Chong & Chandra Nalaani
Claire Droney & Kwong Yuan Li
Frances Giron & Javier González Bernardo
Victoria Heilweil & A.P. Saito
Mung Lar Lam & Whitney Vosburgh
Sumir Rawal & Twincest


Han Pham & Derek Chung

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